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January 29, 2018

New Year, New You!

With the silly season now been and gone, that doesn’t mean all you lovely ladies have to stop looking and feeling amazing.

At Thairapy, I offer 5-star services including the fabulous Platinum Keratin Bond Extensions.These  will leave your hair fuller and longer (depending on your needs) to achieve that hair every woman wants, while all the while considering the condition of your natural hair.

These extensions are made up of 100% human (Italian) hair. The bond itself is 98% keratin so has no negative effects on your hair. They last between 4 to 6 months and range in different, but affordable prices.

Looking to get more volume in your hair?

Here’s an image that show instant thickness. In this application I applied a half head of keratin bond extensions making it easy to manage while feeling fantastic. I styled this look using a curling wand which only took about 20 minutes.

Another great thing about these keratin bond extensions is the quality of the hair. It’s so strong and healthy that when styled, will last up until the next shampoo. I have bundles and bundles of tips to share when wearing these extensions. For example, you may think by adding more hair to what you already have would increase your blow drying time and yes that would be true. However, I can show you ways to lengthen the time you get with just one or two shampoos a week.

When we are due a cleanse, the oils have built up because the keratin bond extensions have now made our hair so much thicker. It’s less likely to get as flat as it used to. I can give you a great tip for when we know our hair needs a cleanse but we don’t have the time or the patience. I can show you a way to only wash the top section of your hair. It’s much quicker and a lot less effort while still feeling fantastic.

Most people think the more hair we have the harder it is to manage but I think of it differently. The more hair we have, the more we can do with it. It gives us many more options. Even on the hun bun days a thick, full hun bun is way more appealing than a knot on the top of our heads right? Thicker hair means it’s easier for us to achieve all of those fancy styles we see on social media. Thicker hair means fuller long lasting blow drys.

In this image you can see how we incorporated some lighter tones through the mid lengths of my client’s hair. This was all using the keratin bond extensions without having to pre-lighten the natural hair. A lot of people with naturally fine hair don’t like to pre-lighten their hair as their hair is weak and may cause damage, so in this application we used the extensions not just to lengthen and thicken but we also added lighter and warmer tones. There are so many achievable looks to create by using the keratin bond extensions.

Call us and ask to speak to me for more information.

Senior Stylist


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