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September 10, 2017

Post Holiday Hair Blues

Back from your summer holidays and suffering from post holiday hair blues? There's nothing more irresistible than a sun-kissed glow in summer but when autumn rolls around, how much damage control is required on our skin, body and hair?

Vitamin D is so important for hair but overexposure to sun, salt water and chlorine can oxidise colour which causes your colour to fade and massively dehydrate the hair. A two week sun holiday is the equivalent to using a hot straightening iron on your hair everyday for one year (scary!). Here at Thairapy we believe prevention is better than cure. When going on holiday you wouldn't think twice about packing sun protection for your skin, so why do we do easily forget about our hair? So where do we start, well you guessed it PRODUCT PRODUCT PRODUCT! Kerastase re launched one of its top selling families this year and made it better than ever. The Chromatique family , (you can't miss it, it's bright pink!) contains UVA and UVB protectors as well as being specifically designed to protect your colour from fading, there's also a Sulfate Free version now too so everyone is covered! The entire Pureology range also contains UV protection. This will aid your fight against colour fade and ensure the hair stays well hydrated in the heat! There is something for everyone in this range and you will instantly fall in love with the aromas.

Top Tip: use a cotton bud on parting to sun block your scalp, everyone forgets!!!

But what can you do if the damage has already been done? Your hair feels dry, colour has faded, and you may even look like you've had a few too many highlights! Firstly, turn down the heat when using your electrical hair tools as this only adds more damage. Now it's time to replace all the lovely things in your hair that keep it nice and healthy. Re-nourish the hair by using repairing serums and deep conditioning masques to revitalise fragile, weak hair.

There is no better way to kick your new regime off though than coming into the salon for a Fusio Dose treatment. These in salon treatments are little bottles of magic, uniquely prescribed for you on the day from a combination of 25, we have got you covered! They are designed to work instantly so will stop any damage and colour fade in its tracks.

So the next time you are in the salon or even passing by, take 5 minutes for any one of us to talk you through your new hair plan!

Why wait…autumn is coming.



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